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Practice languages with native speakers on HelloTalk! We recently introduced HelloTalk Live and Voiceroom - interactive language and culture events to help you master languages through the content you love! HelloTalk, the original language exchange app, connects you with native speakers to practice languages (English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and 150+ more) for FREE! HelloTalk equips you with learning tools such as translation and instant captions so you can learn by chatting with native speakers. Learn languages from locals around the world through livestreams and Voicerooms. Connect with expert hosts to discuss interesting topics with language partners in the learning community! Why HelloTalk? ► The largest language exchange community HelloTalk is a learning community made up of 40 million members from more than 150 countries around the world. Find the perfect language partner based on language, region, age, and more. With built-in learning tools such as translation, corrections, and instant captions, HelloTalk lets you communicate without barriers! ► Core features - Moments posts Share Moments about language, culture, or travel to connect with native speakers. Discover new places, explore cultural traditions, and create an immersive learning experience from the comfort of home. ► Live Tune in to free livestreams hosted by expert teachers to learn about language, culture, and more! Take a back seat and learn, or jump on stage for 1-on-1 practice with Live hosts. Practice languages and meet friends from around the world with supportive and educational livestreams on HelloTalk! ► Join a Voiceroom Voicerooms are interactive audio events to practice languages with others in the HelloTalk community. Create a Voiceroom to discuss your interests, and meet awesome people from around the globe. Voicerooms are a great way to meet like-minded language partners - turn on the mic, speak up, and learn new expressions from others in the HelloTalk community ► 1-on-1 Language Lessons Find the perfect language tutor with HelloTalk Lessons. Search the learning community for qualified tutors by language, lesson type, and kick start your learning journey with your own personalized language class! Learning by interacting is the most direct way to learn a new language! We connect language learners worldwide to create a fun, supportive, and educational learning community. What the world is saying about HelloTalk “One of the best apps to help you learn a new language.” - 9to5Mac "When you're ready to experiment with a foreign language, HelloTalk provides an excellent opportunity for interaction with other speakers." –PCMag "HelloTalk, which connects native speakers with an apprentice, also offers language exchanges to its 20 million users in more than 150 languages." -Forbes START PRACTICING LANGUAGES RIGHT AWAY!!! Learn English and practice spoken English Learn Japanese, practice spoken Japanese, and chat with Japanese Learn Korean, practice spoken Korean, and chat with Koreans Learn Spanish and practice spoken Spanish Learn French and practice spoken French Learn German and practice spoken German Please note, HelloTalk is not a dating app. Although you can meet people from all over the world, HelloTalk is designed for language learning. Dating is not allowed in the learning community. Learn more about the HelloTalk app: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hellotalk/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/hellotalkapp Send any feedback to [email protected] - Privacy Policy: https://www.hellotalk.com/privacy-policy - Terms of Use: https://www.hellotalk.com/terms-of-service



  • Keeps freezing randomly

    By ArjunK1
    I have to close the app and reopen for it to work again
  • Best experience ever

    By Hello it's grace
    I’ve been through a lot of apps to improve English speaking and make new friends but this app hits different. People on the app are so friendly and easy-going you can chict-chat about your daily life and explore new culture with people around the world. And there is no weirdo as far as I experienced. I’m glad I found this app. Thanks to the creator.
  • Time stamp

    By user75901
    It says I was logged in at 4am I want I have reach out to see if I was hacked and I haven’t received anything I’m super upset? I’m not getting any response? Really disappointing when it comes to security.
  • Nothing but a social media app for games and dating

    By CajunsGoneWild.com
    This is Nothing but a social media app for games and dating. The posting of gym fotos of both the males and females says a lot. Also HT limits how many people you can block per day as well as how many people you can report per day. Also they allow someone with absolutely no knowledge of the language they’re learning to be “Paid Practice” for their language. You cannot teach someone a language unless you’re at least a bit better than “basic”. Geared toward dating and both men and women being “Paid practice”! Absolutely zero control in this app❌ disgusting 🥰❌
  • Won't transfer conversations between iPad and iPhone

    By Gutdoc
    This makes it very inconvenient to sustain any conversation since I frequently have to change my devices. Tandem app makes that seem less transition and I will stick with Tandem. I paid for a subscription to Hello talk but I can't get a refund.
  • Very Restricting.

    By katie🩷
    i download this app to learn french and teach english. tell me why i have to pay for my PRECISE map location not to be exposed to anyone who click on my profile? also you have to pay to see who messages you, pay to learn, pay to translate, might aswell just make this a payed app. unless you have subscription money, i don’t recommend.
  • Banned with no explanation

    By HarvardLaw2022
    This app was amazing I met many kind people that were willing to exchange their language with me I even bought VIP so I could start talking to more people in the lives, but one day I got signed out of my account and got banned, I emailed the support team and explained my situation to them thoroughly, and asked for the reason that got my account banned and they gave me “usual reasons” on how people get their accounts banned. Personally I’d like to know what exactly warranted my ban, so I’d know not to repeat it in the future, but turns out I’m “device banned” and I’m unable to use the app ever again. :/
  • Stay away

    By joe2239393
    A lot of fake accounts here. The admin ban users without a legit reason
  • Poor Customer Service and Unjust Treatment

    By MakeupByNatali
    Update: I’ve changed my rating from 2 to 1. To add insult to injury, my account was falsely reported and it resulted in having my voiceroom privileges taken away. I host a popular voiceroom for English practice and all I do on this app is try to teach and help people and I’m met with further injustice. Also, don’t promote or mention any other social media platforms on your page or you’ll have posts taken down and be threatened to be removed from the app altogether. It is the only platform that does this and it just forces people to use other apps instead. HelloTalk keeps getting worse. I was a teacher and user of the app and voiced suggestions on how to better teacher experience as well as made complaints about the poor customer service that I had received and I was removed from the live teachers chat and from having my classes promoted. The Customer Service team including Judy, Fay in Payments, and HelloTalk support contributed to this unjust treatment and have done nothing to rectify it. They have proven that they are more concerned about making money than the teachers and users that make the app what it is.
  • I love this app

    By Nineerrss
    I actually really enjoy this app I’m sad that I got kicked from a voice room tho bc my limit was up and I cant message new people bc of the limit if there is a way that u could keep those features free it would be even better or give the option to watch ads for more time and more chats other than that I love this app and I’m still excited to meet new people