Call of Dragons

Call of Dragons

By Farlight Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2023-03-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.1912
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 2.07 GB
  • Developer: Farlight Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 4.78085
From 24,254 Ratings


War Pets have arrived in Call of Dragons! Capture ferocious beasts in a vast 3.88m sq km map, and train them up to fight alongside you! 【Capture War Pets】 Subdue ferocious beasts and deploy them alongside powerful fantasy armies! 【Train War Pets】 Interact with your War Pet to increase their Affection Level. Strengthen them by feeding them, regenerating them, or inheriting Skills. Your War Pet will be an indespensible member of your forces! 【Summon Behemoths】 Team up with your allies to take on gigantic Behemoths, then summon them in combat to dominate the battlefield! 【Freedom To Fight】 Take advantage of truly 3D terrain to create your strategy, command flying legions to traverse mountains and rivers, and unleash powerful combat skills to lead your allies to victory in huge-scale fantasy warfare! 【An Immersive Fantasy World】 Recruit Elven maidens, mighty Orcs, powerful frost mages, and countless other magical heroes. Journey to the mystical Firefly Tree, the daunting Frozen Spires, and other fantastic wonders, and enjoy a vast fantasy world like nothing you've ever seen before. *****Game Features***** 【Purify War Pets, Then Fight Beside Them】 Simple-hearted Bears, stubborn Lizards, aloof Rocs, and mischievous Faedrakes– they're all waiting to become your new best friend! Purify them to bring them under your command, then deploy them alongside vast fantasy armies. Train them up to strengthen their powers and turn your magical companion into a devastating weapon! 【Hunt and Tame Behemoths】 The land of Tamaris is infested with Behemoths—giant ancient beasts like Hydras, Thunder Rocs, and mighty and terrifying Dragons. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your allies to bring them to heel, then train them to become your secret weapon. Then, in your hour of need, deploy Behemoths to crush your enemies! 【Heal Units for Free】 Wounded units can be healed automatically without consuming any resources. Wage war, challenge other players, and fight to your heart's content! Enjoy the thrill of the battlefield without worrying about your stockpiles. Your path to conquest begins now! 【Countless Fantastic Creatures】 The land of Tamaris is filled with many fantastic races: noble Elves, mighty Orcs, wily Satyrs, wise Treants, majestic Forest Eagles and otherworldly Celestials. Each of these races can join your forces and lead them to victory. Meanwhile, Hydras, Giant Bears, Thunder Rocs and other terrifying creatures lie in wait... 【Powerful Hero Skills】 Assign mighty heroes to lead your forces, and train them up to use powerful abilities that allow them to turn invisible, charge across the battlefield in an instant, or unleash devastating AoE attacks! Master the battlefield, then strike at a critical moment to turn the tide of battle and claim victory! 【3D Terrain & Flying Legions】 Take advantage of rich and varied 3D terrain to carry out rapid assaults, defend your position, and unleash air raids to crush the enemy with strategy. Deploy flying legions across canyons, deserts, rivers, and mountains to deliver a devastating blow! 【Expand, Exploit, Explore, & Exterminate】 The prosperity of the kingdom is in your hands. Upgrade buildings and technologies, train troops, gather resources, expand your territory, and prove that you are worthy to rule Tamaris! SUPPORT If you encounter any issues during the game, you can send us feedback via the in-game Customer Service Center. Customer Service Email: [email protected] Official Site: Facebook: YouTube: Discord: Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:



  • Great game, amazing QOL integrations

    By Sometwitchuser
    The sequel to Rise of Kingdoms or something like that from what I’ve heard, is very good. I have personally never played RoK but call of dragons is still super fun, fast paced, seasonal strategy game. I love how many speed ups you get just naturally through playing. I’ve spent only a dollar on the beginners package and I’m still in a contributive state to ward and behemoth raids. However, this game is very very pay to win with the only restriction on pay to win players is how much they can use their heroes to attack other players. But with that being the only downside I don’t think that’s too bad. It’s still playable for free to play/ small spenders. However, the biggest brag about this game is like to talk about is the quality of life mechanics they have in just the regular chat and mail system. Integrated in chat system is an auto translator. How cool is that. You don’t have to try to figure out which characters people use to understand different languages. Not only that but you can copy messages in game. You can send photos in chat. You can set individualized profile pictures and have profile walls. You can have contacts. Group chats. I think as long as I’ve been playing mobile games, all of these things are borderline unheard of or the games that do have these kind of systems don’t do them nearly as well as call of dragons. Well done call of dragons team. 👍
  • “Poor player support” review update #3

    By kidNeight
    Update#3 - I still have not received help or even an acknowledgement. In keeping with my promise to write a review a day until my issue is resolved. I still have not received help and I am saving screenshots and will be submitting to Apple and the better business bureau. I wrote a review earlier and since then still have not received help. You responded to send my user ID. User id# 1643267 Since my last review I have an update, my case was closed out… I have been trying to get help through the player support and have not received help. It has been one week and I was in game last night 11pm EST. And woke up this morning (7am EST) to see it say that because I did not respond that my case was closed! So I am not able to sleep? I purchased coins last week to buy a skill card and never received the skill card (I have screenshots). All I want is my skill card or my coins back and an apology at this point for the terrible customer support. I plan to write a review everyday until my issue is resolved and give them all to Apple and the App Store help to show them the dishonest practices of the game.
  • Bueno papá

    By Lepesade
  • Review

    By Enter28
    To many whales that pay to play. When you sell power to people that are willing to buy it whether to decrease build times etc. I shouldn’t have to deal with someone over 2.5 mil because they spent a lot of money on this game when I’m F2P. Anyone that doesn’t spend you get smashed by ones that do. I’m positive this was expected otherwise in game spending wouldn’t be there. You can respond with how you’ll “ look into it” and no I’m not going through the hassle of messaging a player that spent way to much money to advance themselves while I’m scrapping just to get to level 6 Honorary club after 2 weeks. No thanks not enough motivation for me to keep playing when the game was designed this way.
  • Quality of life changes

    By cartmanVcoon
    The select all button for legions needs to be bigger or isolated just a tad bit more. Perhaps push the legion icons a millimeter from the edge of the screen so the button can be made a little bigger. I’m not the only one who has had hard times pressing the select all button, and in this type of game where micromanaging is important and which a lot of players play on mobile devices this needs to be improved.
  • increíble es magnifico

    By Asly Rodríguez
    Nunca me gusto tanto un juego tanto como Call of dragóns
  • Buenísimo ✨

    By Didbdusj
  • Customer service is horrible

    By JackDaRipper900
    On Sept 10th. I was charged 3x for daily deals. Customer service is non existent. Company is thieves. Communication is non existent
  • Good addictive Strategy game, but not Customer Service

    By Cacket
    I’ve been playing this game for about a year now. One thing I forgot to do with my game is to link it with an email. Unfortunately I made some purchases on that game. When I got curious about having a second game I stupidly logged out of my original and lost it. I’ve been trying to speak with Customer Service and they take 1-5hrs to respond. By the time I’ve noticed their reply, they’ve closed down the chat.
  • Call of dragons

    By Shnarly
    Superbe jeux c’est parfait